Anthony Gongora – an interdisciplinary artist who is compelled by driving curiosity and
imagination to create. His ongoing quest to fully explore and understand life has been
expressed through his fingertips on computer keyboards, canvasses and clay, and also through
the soles of his feet dancing on stages that traverse the globe. Gongora is an accomplished
choreographer, performer, visual artist and educator. He is currently teaching at The University
of the District of Columbia as an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Art within the school of
Visual & Performing Arts and also as a Professorial Lecturer at the George Washington
University, Department of Theatre and Dance. Gongora has received several awards for his
choreography, which have been performed at such venues as the Joyce Soho, New York, The
Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago. St. Marks Church, Dancespace Project, New York,
and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Gongora has danced in the companies of
Troika Ranch, Mordine & Company Dance Theatre, The Maida Withers Dance Construction
Company, Jan Erkert & Dancers and Bob Eisen Dance.

To read Anthony’s complete CV, Artist Statement, Teaching Philosophy and Critical Response click on the titles below.


Artist Statement Anthony Gongora


Teaching Philosophy


Critical Response


Anthony Gongora’s CV 2015

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